As I mentioned in my first post, I have some health issues and am trying to loose some weight yet again. The last dozen or so times didn´t really work so well, meaning I lost quite a bit and then folded, went back to my old eating habits and put it all or nearly all back on. I know that is nothing unusual, lots of people go through the same process over and over again, just to end up right where they started.

But now I have decided, due to a rather unpleasant talk with my doctor, who told me that he couldn´t operate my knee if I didn´t lose at least 30kg of weight, that now is the time to change something.

The last 2 months I have started with a low carb diet, and at the beginning it worked quite well, nothing unusual again, but the last two weeks it stagnated, and then I stumbled across a book that kind of opened my eyes and took care of a lot of so called “dieting facts” that are being preached over and over and people seem to take them for face value. Lots of these “facts” are total bullshit and just an easy excuse for me not to lose weight.

Yes, I come from a family where most of the women are prone to pile on the weight, old fotos of my great grandma and even great-great grandma show that. But that doesn´t nessessarily mean that there is nothing I can do about it. I know quite well that the pounds didn´t come out of nowhere. I put them on by stuffing chocolate and all kinds of fattening stuff down my throat. I have always loved sweets and fatty food. I have next to no self control. And I have the nasty habit of very successfully cheating myself.

Even now that I am sticking to a fairly strikt dieting plan, I have to really force myself not to eat a few nuts here and a piece of cheese there. I am constantly hungry and the only thing that stops me from rading the fridge right now is the fact that I don´t want to end up in a wheelchair or die from a heartattack in a few years.

God only knows how long I can keep up the strength to do this, but I really hope that I can make it this time. I give myself 4 month to try and stick to a maximum of 600 kcal. a day.

The reason why I have chosen such a low amount of calories is that I am in severe pain 24/7 and even standing up for 5 minutes doing some cooking is absolutely impossible. Not to mention doing basic things like doing the weekly shopping or walking up and down the stairs.Doing any kind of housework is inconceivable. I have been off sick for nearly 3 months and there is no way of knowing when I will be able to work again. So I have every reason to try and lose as much weight as quickly as possible.

Of course I know that it is a radical step to take, and I wouldn´t dare to say that it is a good way to do it for everybody, but I know it can be done and I will do it. 🙂


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