Day 2 commenting bootcamp…


One of my many pictures 🙂


Last night, it was a bit more difficult to get the task done. While Monday, I managed to comment on quite a few blogs, yesterday proved to be a bit more tricky.

Liking a blog and finding something to relate to so you can share some personal story are two different things altogether.

In the end I did find something but I´m not sure if I really succeeded… well I tried anyway.

I can´t believe how many different sites I checked out the last 2 days. And every one of them was amazing in it´s own way. So many creative minds at work…. I have to be careful not to lose track of time while I read so many great stories.

Now I´m a bit at a loss to figure out what to write about myself….

My life at the moment is not exactly exciting. Since I am in constant pain, going out is hardly something I want to do, as anybody whith chronic pain can probably relate to.

So, I stay home and try to find things to do. I love to do cross-stitch and over the years I have done so many pictures that I have lost count. But, as anybody who does any kind of craft undoubtedly knows, there are plenty more to do 😀.

Also, sitting for hours on end puts a lot of strain on my back and neck so I have to be careful not to end up with a headache. Lately, my mobile is quite a distraction as well and I think as much as I like it, I have to be careful not to spend all my time browsing the net…

However, for today´s task I will have to do just that, so I better start looking again haha 😉

Have a great day my friends








5 thoughts on “Day 2 commenting bootcamp…

  1. Good morning 🙂 Yes these classes can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, but I just take my time – the class stays up for a week or so after it finishes to allow people to catch up if they feel like it. I love how you stay so cheery even if you are in such pain. Anyway, my question for today is….do you have a garden to sit in, on days when you don’t feel so good? Or even a nice view from the window?


    1. Good morning to you as well 🙂
      Thanks for asking, yes I do have a lovely garden, my mum is a keen gardener and she makes sure there is always something interesting and beautiful to look at, even from late winter there is always something blooming,
      Also we have a couple of bird feeders on the balcony and they are always loads of birds I can watch from my window. From small bluetits to 2 giant pidgeons that come regularly to feed. Even a squirrel comes round occasionaly. They are quite entertaining to watch. I do try to keep a positive attitude and not to feel sorry for myself too much, even though it´s not always easy. But I know that many of my problems are at least partly my own fault, so I can´t really blame anybody else for it. And I have a lot of support from my family so that helps as well.

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      1. Oh your garden sounds delightful! I adore birds and the birdsong at dawn and dusk is beautiful. I have two canaries of my own, who are quite tuneful when they are in the mood. Do you have any pets?

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      2. We used to have a dog until just before christmas 2014. He was 15 years old and we had him from when he was a puppy. He used to love the garden as well 😊. Since I can’t really take care of a pet anymore we decided not to get a new dog.

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