Commenting bootcamp day 4


well, I have done my bit, though it wasn´t easy again.

I actually did write quite a long comment, I just don´t know if it will be well received…. am a bit worried about that to be honest. Politics is always a dangerous topic even worse when Religion get´s mixed in,  where you have to tread lightly and usually I just keep quiet because I find the ensuing discussions rather tiresome and often aggressive. But I tried and just hope that I don´t get in trouble for it… 😉




4 thoughts on “Commenting bootcamp day 4

  1. Sex, politics, and religion–topics my dad taught me not to talk about in the barber shop. Yet there are so many great blog posts just for these topics. Find BroadBlogs. She is wonderful. I like your posting. Don’t apologize. :o) Jim

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    1. Thank you Jim 🙂
      I have always tried to live be the motto “If you can´t say anything nice, don´t say anything at all”. But sometimes you have to speak your mind, or you can´t look yourself in the eye. So I am trying to be a bit more outspoken. But it takes some getting used to.
      Thanks for the supportive comment 🙂


  2. I don’t mind reading peoples opinions on these subjects. Its interesting, and lets me see another side of the person. I agree with you that these things can escalate very quickly into drama, which is stressful, and to be avoided. I wouldn’t apologise for anything you write – its your own true self that you are putting out there, and you have the right to an opinion just like anyone else. 🙂

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    1. I think so as well 🙂 Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. As long as we treat each other with respect that shouldn´t be a problem. That´s the problem with the internet these days, Certain rules of decency and politeness seem to be nonexcistent when it comes to commenting. That is a shame, Most people wouldn´t dare to say even half the things they post online to somebody´s face. And for good reason.


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