Day 5 of commenting bootcamp

Now how was it going for you, fellow bloggers?

After yesterdays not so easy assignment today went fairly easy. Had a couple of nice conversations today. I did try not to spend too much time online and did some cross-stitch instead. My project is coming along quite nicely.20160321_230156.jpg

It keeps me occupied and not constantly thinking about food.

Yesterday was a really bad day, I was sooo hungry all day and I did eat more than I actually should have. But today I did better. So hopefully that was just a small hiccup.

Easter is a bit difficult because traditionally there is always some nice food involved. I will bake a nice cake but will probably not eat it. On sunday I will make leg of lamb with oven potatoes. But I will only have one or the other.

So I’ve got everything planned. We’ll see how that works out 😉. At least there is no chocolate in the house.

Good night  happy campers



3 thoughts on “Day 5 of commenting bootcamp

  1. Danke, Mimi, for following. You will not be disappointed. Are you in Deutschland as an ex-pat, or are you a German citizen? It would help me should I want to bluster my way through some stupidity with trying to use German. :o) I am a chocolate addict. Really. I am clean and sober from alcohol for over two years, of my own choice and health. But Scotch, vodka, and Irish whisky go so well with a Lindt or other dark chocolate bunny…. It was very hard these past few days with chocolate eggs lying about, and chocolate rabbits laying them! Besides, the fewer I eat, the more grams of fat do not appear on my large, big-boned frame. Schuss!

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    1. Your welcome Jim. ☺ I always enjoy reading stories from people all over the world. I am a german citizen but have been married to a british ex-soldier for 25 years this month. I wasn’t sure if I should write in english or german but it looks like it’s going to be english most of the time. It doesn’t make much difference to me and that way I get to practise my language skills. So if you want to practise yours, just go for it 😉.
      I know what you mean about the temptations of german chocolate… This weekend I have sinned as well. The first time since January 1st. Today I am back on my diet so hopefully I will be back on track soon.
      I’m looking forward to reading more from you.
      Kind regards


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