Just a thought before bedtime….

One step at a time…

You live your life one step at a time.

But you rush through it always three steps ahead.

Never in the moment, always hoping, wishing for

something better, something more,

because this life can´t be everything.

You deserve more.

You only see what all the others have, and forget

what is yours already.

You see the ads on TV, all the stuff you should buy.

But you don´t see your children or your friends.

You don´t see the things that money can´t buy.

And rush after things that don´t matter at all.

Stop chasing after posessions,

they can´t give you what you need.

Be grateful for what you have,

abandon the greed.

Celebrate life, enjoy the beauty around you,

A flower, a cloud in the sky,  a walk in the park

a baby´s smile.

You live your life one step at a time,

and before you know it, you´ve let it pass by….


2 thoughts on “Just a thought before bedtime….

    1. Thank you 😊
      I think it is rather tiresome to just compare yourself constantly to the people around you. It would be much more rewarding and satisfying to just try to become a better person every day ☺


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