Happy Easter!

Good afternoon to all of you out there!

How has your Easter weekend been so far? Over here in Germany the weather was quite a mix of lovely, sunny and nearly summerly temperatures on Saturday to rainy and windy with short srunny patches yesterday and today. So at least it wasn´t boring.

As most people do on holidays like these there has been quite a lot of eating, though I tried to keep it to a sensible level. I managed to skip breakfast yesterday and today and only had one piece of cake both times. At dinner I tried not eating too much but it wasn´t easy because it was delicious if I may say so myself 😉

We had leg of lamb and some venison with roast potatoes and red cabbage. Today we will have what is left of the meat so there is not a lot of preparation involved.

From tomorrow I will be back on my very low calorie diet, so hopefully I won´t have done too much damage.

I really couldn´t restist eating a piece of this ….

So, I might have put on a couple of grams but it was well worth it, and I am going to go at it with renewed vigor, I am sure that it is good to sin now and again as long as you don´t do it all the time. Otherwise you just get tired of it all and just give up.

To end this on a funny note: my daughter told me yesterday about a dream she had the other night. She said that we had been clothesshopping together and that I looked like Kate Moss😂. Everything I tried on fitted me perfectly and she couldn’t find anything! Now what does that mean do you think?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t wanna look like Kate Moss, to tell the truth at the moment I rather look like I’ve EATEN Kate Moss….

But I wouldn’t mind losing enough weight to get a bit closer to normal weight.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this…

Have a great day



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