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A-Z Challenge day 26

Z for zzzzzz

how do you sleep? I for one hardly ever get to bed before one in the morning. Unless I have to start work early, which at the moment doesn´t happen.

My husband is usually in bed no later than half ten. So by the time I get to bed, he is snoring heavily, and that keeps me awake even longer. I have tried going to bed earlier, but then I end up lying awake for two hours until my usual sleeping time…. or if I fall asleep by accident, I wake up at four in the morning and can´t get back to sleep.

So I wait untill I am really tired before I go to bed, and that works pretty well for me.

Tonight it was snooker that kept me awake, lol, Selby only just finished his game, so now I am off to bed, I just hope I can get to sleep quickly….

Good night folks

Sleep well



A-Z Challenge day 25

Y for you wanna see….

What the cake I made looks like?


A friend asked me if I could make a cake for his granddaughters 18th birthdays. She likes horses, so I thought it would be fun to try my hand on a horse or two.

Well, fun isn´t what I would call it really…. It took me ages to get the legs even close to right, and than they kept falling off…

I´m not really happy with it, but it will have to do. As long as it tastes all right, she should enjoy it.

That´s if they get it there in one piece. I´ll probably take the horses off and put them in a container, so they don´t get damaged. The cake itself is fairly solid, so unless they have an accident on the way they should be fine.

ok, that´s all for now, I´m really shattered, off to bed in a minute.

Sleep tight friends


A-Z Challenge day 24

X for Xanth

Xanth is a magical world full of puns, a series of books by Piers Anthony.

The first book I stumbled across was called “A Spell for Chameleon” and even though for a non-native speaker like me, it wasn´t easy, I loved it.

It has been many years ago, that I have read it, and since then I read about 25 books of the series, which originally started off as a trilogy I think.

As far as I remember all the creatures in Xanth have one magical ability, some big some small, but no two people have the same ability, and usually they have to go on one kind of quest or another. The stories are all really funny and chaotic, and you have to pay close attention so you don´t miss anything.

I guess for a german like me, it takes a lot of practice, but it is such a fun way of learning the language. I must admit my english was pretty good to start with, and I always had a knack for playing with words, in english and in german. I sometimes drive my husband around the bend, because I am usually much better at joking around than he is…  I have been known to be quite sarcastic and I´m afraid I have passed it on to my children as well….

Anyway, if you fancy a good light read, with not too much drama and a bit of romance, but not too sappy 😉  I can recommend any of the books, it doesn´t really matter if you get them in the right order, they are all seperate stories, even though some of the characters are related, and you might stumble over the odd connection.

Happy reading and good night!



A-Z Challenge day 23

W watching snooker

ha, I bet you didn´t expect that!

To be honest , up until a couple of years ago, I couldn´t have cared less about it.  OK, I had heard of a few snooker players, but I never would have thought it interesting enough to actually sit down and watch it.

That was until my husband was sitting there one night watching the World championship and I think it was Ali Carter playing, I was playing something on the computer, and casting an occasional glance towards the TV, and I really got sucked in. Not that I had any idea what they where doing, but the way they where playing one safety after another it was really faszinating to watch, And that was it, I admit I was hooked.

Nowadays, I have familiarised myself with the lingo, so I actually know what the commentators are talking about, and I can more and more appreciate the beauty of the game. And I watch every match I can. Last year it even went as far as  telling my boss that I was coming in late for the night-shift, because I wanted to watch the end of  a session. That was definitely something I had never done before in my life!

Which was not too much of a problem, because a couple of months before, the men all came in late because they had to watch Germany play at the Football World Cup.

So at the moment, I am watching Marco Fu play Mark Selby, and it is a lot of fun as usual.

It´s just a shame that Ronnie O´Sullivan is out already….

Ah well, better make the most of it,

See ya all later 😉



A-Z Challenge day 22

V for village

well, the place where I live is not really a village, but not much of a town either. It is a rural area, with plenty of farms, fields and cows , not small enough to know everybody anymore, but the neighbourhood is at least a bit more friendly than living in the city. You know the people that live on your street, may that be good or bad, I don´t want to decide.

When we moved here, 40!!! years ago, I was 5 years old, turning 6 a couple of months later. I started school that summer, and I remember loving to roam the fields and a small wooded area just down the road. Not really a wood where you could get lost, but perfect to play all day, climb trees and feel like an adventurer.

Nowadays there in hardly any trees left, there have been houses built left, right and centre, and the only place where children can play is the playground just opposite of our house. Not that anybody would let their children run around unsupervised!

God only knows how we survived, because as soon as we could, we went off to play outside with friends, or in my case, alone, and nobody knew where we where for hours… We only came home when we where either hungry or hurt ourselves, sometimes not even that, because we might have been grounded, or at least shouted at for being foolish.

I remember going out on my bike, one summer, maybe about 10 years old, wanting to go swimming, and having to cross the main road, got hit by a car. Nothing really dramatic, just the front tire of my bike was bent, and  I had some cuts and bruises, but obviously I didn´t go back home! No way, my mum would have thrown a fit if I had come back, so I just headed to the swimming pool anyway.

Bad luck for me, because one of our neighbours had seen the whole thing of course, and when she saw my mum, asked if I was all right. So, you can probably imagine the state my mum was in when I got home, I certainly got my head ripped off, lol, more for not being careful and damaging the bike mind you, than about my bruises.

The one thing I liked about the way we grew up was, that we got independent a lot more quickly than children these days. We didn´t have many toys, so we made our own. My dad had a workshop in the cellar with loads of tools, saws, hammer anything you needed, and I remember when he was at work I went down there and made myself a rifle out of a piece of wood I found. I didn´t cut off a finger, and it was so much fun, trying to figure out myself how to do it. I was really proud of it, even though it looked like crap probably, but at least I made it myself. And with proper tools, not the stupid little things they sell for kids these days.

I must say, I am really glad that I grew up in the good old days, without a computer, a car, or anything else. If I wanted to go anywhere I had to either walk or ride my bike, and my favourite pasttime when at home was reading anything I could get my hands on. Watching TV was something we hardly ever did, with only 3 channels and not a lot of childrens programmes.

We had to use our own imagination, and that´s what we did. I still have a bit of a knack for daydreaming, especially now that I am not working, so I have plenty of time for it 🙂

Enough of remeniscing for one night I guess.

Good night and sweet dreams my friends….




A-Z Challenge day 21

U for uninspired

These last couple of days it was a bit of a struggle to find something to write about for this challenge.

So uninspired it is, lol.

I´ve had quite a few projects going, and it sometimes is difficult to figure out what to do first, that´s why I fell behind with the a-z challenge. But I will try and finish it all in time anyway.

For once I want to finish something I have started! That is a bit of a problem with me, I start of full of enthusiasm and about halfway through I just can´t be bothered anymore.

The only thing I always come back to is cross-stitching, and maybe singing as well. But that doesn´t  really count, because I can do it anytime I want. I don´t have to make an effort for it. It just comes naturally.

I couldn´t even tell you how many times I started to write a diary, and I never managed to do more than a couple of weeks worth, sometimes not even that much.

I have tried to do so many things, knitting, crocheting, cake decorating, which I still do occasionally, but not that well… I tried learning to play the keyboard, for a couple of weeks, but I just can´t be asked to practise. My fingers don´t want to do what I want.

This last couple of days I have been trying to get the decoration for  a cake done, not easy at all, I tell you, am still working on  a needlepaint picture that will be a present for my mum´s 75th birthday in September, something my daughter dreamed up and now she wants me to help. I really love to do it, it is such an interesting project, but I have no experience with this kind of needlework and it takes a long time to practice the stitches and than work the details properly. That´s why we have to do it now, so we might actually finish it in time. 20160425_224354.jpg

So, that´s why I was so uninspired to write anything the last week or so.

Not to mention that I am a bit preoccupied with my change in diet. I´ve been going through so many recipe´s to find something interesting and tasty AND low carb and low calory… But it is going well, I am confident and positive that I will be able to see this through, it seems to be getting easier and at least I don´t get moody and miserable, I think I haven´t been this relaxed about changing my eating habits ever before.

I even managed to bake a cake today without so much as tasting the mixture, something that is usually unheard off… lol. It smells great, by the way, but luckily I will not have to eat any of it, it will be the present for a friend´s granddaughter´s 18th birthday. The worst trial will be when I make the ganache and fill it, I can´t even try a little bit, that will be difficult.

But I will make it 🙂

Good night my friends


A-Z Challenge day 20

T for temptation

Temptation is something we have to face every day.

Sometimes it´s the bar of chocolate that is lying on the table, and that is calling us to eat it. Or the handbag we see in the shop, that has our name written all over it, though we know that we can´t afford it.

So what to do? Give in to it or just ignore it ?

I for one have been quite successful at avoiding it lately. I managed to stick to the rules and it is paying off nicely. As of this morning I have lost 25! kg 😀

I can´t tell you how pleased I am!

This last week went so smoothly, I really don´t know what is going on with me. It would be a relief if I had actually managed to get my bad habits under control for good, but I guess there will be some more trials and tribulations before I can finally say: “I did it!”

I don´t think I ever managed to stick to a diet properly for this long, it has been nearly 4 months and I have really done well without exercising unlike the last couple of times, where I only managed to lose quite a bit of weight because I went to the gym at least 5 times a week.

And as soon as I stopped going to the gym, I put it all back on, or nearly all. So, I will do better this time.

One good thing is that my husband has been a lot more cooperative this time. Before, when he knew I was trying to lose weight, he often came home with a bar of chocolate, or some favourite cake of mine, and that didn´t exactly help. Nowadays he doesn´t do it anymore, we hardly have anything sweet in the house, and he has even tried to cut down himself. He seems to have understood how important this is for my health.

I am really thankful that my family and friends are supporting me that much, and that they don´t make fun of me too much…

Love and light to you my friends



A-Z Challenge day 19

S for singing

As I said before, I always loved to sing. I just never really thought about doing it so others could hear me. Only about 8 years ago, a friend of mine  took me to a pub where she and her husband went to sing karaoke. The first time I went I wouldn´t even consider trying.

I love to sing in the background where nobody would take notice, but up on stage?! No way!!

I went back a week later, and still I couldn´t make up my mind what to sing, though I know loads of songs, I just couldn´t figure out a song that would work for me. In the end I went for one that didn´t work at all, but nobody threw anything or kicked me out, and I wasn´t any worse than some of the others, so it wasn´t too bad.

Week after week I returned, and eventually I was getting pretty good, or so my friends said, I really don´t know if that was true, but I loved it. Some nights I was singing song after song, I had a steady repertoire of about 15 songs, and many times people I didn´t even know asked me if they could sing a song with me, because they didn´t feel comfortable doing it alone. Unless I didn´t know the song at all, I was always happy to do that.

I met lots of lovely people at the pub, and for about 6 years I went at least once, sometimes twice a week. It was a great time, and we had a lot of fun. But a lot of the people that used to meet, moved away, and the pub changed a lot, it lost a lot of it´s character, and I just didn´t like going anymore.

Roughly at the same time, maybe a bit later, I joined the church choir of my local church. It was a lot different from singing in the pub, but it was fun as well. And I learned a lot. But I haven´t been to the choir for about 6 months now, mostly because I didn´t feel like singing much anymore. When you´re in constant pain, you just don´t like to sing.

Not even at home did I sing much anymore. Mostly, because I´m not working so singing in the car is out. I always sing in the car, even when it drives my family mad 🙂

I mostly sing along to the radio, or my favourite cd, it was a great way of practicing new songs without anybody hearing it.

But last week, when I was cleaning the kitchen, I put on some music and started singing along again. Just like that. I guess I am improving. I am feeling a bit more active, though still in pain, but I guess losing that much weight is making me a feel a lot better anyway.

I still can´t go to the choir, mostly because my youngest son has orchestra- practice at the same time, and since my hubby got his new medication for his parkinsons I don´t want him to drive too far. So I do the driving and instead of singing  we go for a cup of coffee and he has a piece of cake. So at least I get out of the house.

It´s a start, and if I keep losing weight at this rate, who knows, I might be going out again sooner that I think. I really would love to do that…

Love and light




A-Z Challenge day 18

R for regrets

When you think back do you have any regrets?

I guess everybody regrets some decision in their life.

The only thing I really regret at the moment is that I didn´t try to take care of my body 20 years ago, when I was younger, and a lot lighter. Still overweighed but not that much.

It would have been so much easier, to lose the weight especially I could have still done a lot of things that I can´t do today, like exercise.

If I could say one thing to my younger self, it would be: Stop eating so much!! And exercise more!!!

I am so glad that my daughter is a lot more sensible than me when I was her age. But I guess I have been setting a bad example for her, so she knows what not to do…




Happy 😀

This week is off to a really good start.

After being stuck on the same weight for a couple of weeks,this morning my scales showed a kilo less than yesterday! Yes!! I’m really happy now and it shows me that I’m doing something right.

25 down, 19 to go 😁

Just had to share it straight away, after bitching and moaning so much lately 😀

Have a great Monday and an even better week!