A-Z challenge 2016

A          for adventure

Only just over 2 weeks ago I decided to start this blog, and that was sort of an adventure for me. I never considered myself much of a writer, or a creative person. At school I hated to do essays because I just never knew what the teachers expected. I never even managed to keep a diary, so why on earth do something like this?

I have no idea really. I just felt that it was something I wanted to do. Certainly there where no great expectations from myself. But the life of my family has just been turned upside-down and god only knows where it will take us.

An adventure isn´t nessessarily always a good thing. There are trials and tribulations you have to face, and not always will you be happy with the outcome. You might fail miserably or just stagger through barely holding your head above the water. But most of the time you don´t have to face it alone. In my case, I have my family who help my push through.

And I am glad to say, this adventure has been a good one so far. I´ve been talking to a lot of real lovely people, have read some interesting blogs, and already have got a few followers, more than I really expected, and I am now trying to develop a writing routine. That´s why I have taken on this challenge, so I  have a reason to write something every day. I haven´t made up what else I am going to write about but we will see.

I don´t have a clue if this is going to be a long or a short adventure, if it will be a failure or a success, and at the moment I don´t really care.

All I know is that it is MY adventure….

Have a great day…




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