Day 2 A-Z challenge

B  for believe

I believe I can fly

I believe I can touch the sky…..

R. Kelly

This popular song from the 90´s was one of my favourites when I was 29.

I always loved music and still do. Though sometimes  we’d be joking around and saying: “maybe he should stay away from the drugs”, I still loved the lyrics and the feel of the song. It made me happy and a little sad at the same time. I guess all the good ones do. That’s why most people listen to sad songs when they feel bad. It makes them feel like the song was written just for them.

I know that’s how I felt a lot of the time. When I was a kid, I was a bit of a loner, never had many friends. I always listened to music but all my favourite ones where the ballads, the ones that made you think. That didn´t exactly make me any more popular.

Growing up in the 80s I still rather listened to songs from Neil Diamond or Cristopher Cross than Queen and AC/DC.

Don’t get me wrong, I really listened to everything on the radio, but most of the time I didn’t have a clue who was singing and I never had a favourite band. The concept of fandom was and in a way still is not my thing. I listen to all kinds of music, just as long as it makes me feel something.

I just liked the songs no matter who sung them. So,because I couldn’t afford to buy records, I usually just sat in front of the radio and mixed my own tapes, hoping for the DJ to keep his or her mouth shut so I could get the whole song.

My prized possession was my twin-deck recorder, and I loved mixing my own tapes. The best times I had when my older brother held parties in the cellar, I got to spend time behind the bar, and the morning after, he left his record-collection behind and I got to spend a couple of hours going through them and mixing a new tape.

Music was my first love, and I used the tapes to memorize songs and that is one reason why my english improved rapidly. I probably drove my brother crazy when I was singing my favourite songs over and over until I new them by heart.

Nowadays, I still love music and I still love to sing, but I don´t get to do it as often as I would like to. I used to go out once a week to do a bit of karaoke ( actually a lot of karaoke ;), on a good night I sang at least 10 songs until my voice was completely gone) I think I   didn´t do too badly, once I got over the first bit of stage-fright,there was no stopping me lol. My secret dream always was to sing in a band, but I never had the courage to try.

Lately, I don´t go out anymore, mostly because of my health problems, and the only chance of singing I get is when I am alone in the car. I don´t really listen to music much. My husbands and my taste in music are quite different and he doesn´t really like it when I sing along. But I guess I should change that. Singing is good for the soul, it relieves pain and it is a mood enhancer.

I believe  I will start today…..






6 thoughts on “Day 2 A-Z challenge

  1. I loved this post! Took me right back to when I did the mixed tape thing too, and got annoyed at the DJ chatting too much! I grew up a loner too, and my parents were….not the best, shall we say. I cringe now at my fave song back in the 80’s which was Foreigner’s “I want to know what love is” and even now my husband teases me when it comes on :D. I listen to most music (on my headphones), depending on my mood and always sing and dance along. When I am alone, of course – the dog doesn’t mind. :p Lets have a sing song today! 😀

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  2. Radio was how I got my music fix too, and I’ve never been a ‘fan’ either. I don’t understand how screaming at a singer is useful for anyone. It all just seemed/seems silly.
    Yes, sing, and sing loud. LOL
    I love it!
    Happy A to Z day 2!

    Ninga Minion @YolandaRenee from
    Defending The Pen
    <a href="”>Murderous Imaginings

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