Spring :)

Today the weather is lovely, the first flowers are blooming nicely and even the bees are getting busy, so I had to take some pictures.

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not much yet, but a sight for sore eyes non the less.  I guess another week and everything is really bursting at the seams.

That´s the thing I love about spring, the world changes so quickly, you can see something new every time you leave the house.

I think we will have a barbeque  tomorrow. Well, obviously I´m not gonna have anything but the rest of the family will. But I don´t mind. I have my reasons and I will stay strong.

Have a lovely spring-day



5 thoughts on “Spring :)

    1. wow that doesn´t sound too encouraging 😦 here in germany winter is hopefully over. There might be the occasional cold night but otherwise we will see a bit more warmth. Soo looking forward to it! My body doesn´t cope well with cold and damp….

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    1. Thank you 😀 I love our garden as well. It isn’t all that big but my mom has so many plants in there it’s quite a jungle in summer. I swear sometimes you could use a machete. At the moment, there’s mostly crocuses and snowdrops and the occasional daffodil. But it will get a lot more soon!

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