A-Z Challenge day 4

Dfor don´t know what to write about….

Sitting here for a couple of hours and trying to find a topic that might be interesting.

So far, no luck…. Drawing a blank, so to speak.

I didn´t want to write about the obvious subject that´s ruling my life at the moment. Dieting is something everybody has an opinion about. There is so many thesis going and people are going at each other´s throat about them. Many so called studies tell you that you can only lose weight if you do it slowly, otherwise you put it all back on even quicker, or they are talking about the set-point, meaning the body is supposedly trying to stick to a certain weight, and it is nearly impossible to get under set weight.

There is a huge market of products that promise rapid weight-loss without exercise and cutting down calories. But most of them not only don´t work but can even cause severe health-problems.

Then there are the usual dieting programmes,like Weight watchers, low carb, Atkins, you name it. Each of them has their own unique way of cutting out this or that. And most of them even work for as long as you stick to them. But that´s just it, who want´s to stay on a diet forever?

And as soon as you start eating “normal” again, the weight goes up.  That´s just the problem, we eat too much, we eat the wrong things, and we eat for the wrong reasons.

These last couple of weeks, I have had a few hiccups, mostly due to easter and it has been difficult to find the motivation to be a bit more strict again. But I know that it is important for my health and wellbeing, so I have to do it. It wouldn´t be too bad if I could excersize, but when you can´t even walk, let alone do any kind of sports it is a pain in the a….

So, from today I am back on my 500 kal. a day, and I just hope that I can do it. But I am really worried  that I fall back into old patterns once I lose the weight or more to the point, that I won´t be able to lose the weight in the first place. It´s not that I haven´t been there before. Lost 20 put 25 back on, been there, done that.

I just seem to have no self control when it comes to eating. And I hate that. Looks like I have to work on that. I just don´t know how…

sorry for rambling on…

Happy Monday everybody










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