A-Z Challenge day 5

Efor elephants

For a long time, elephants have been my favourite animals. I don´t really know why or when it started, but somehow I was always faczinated by them.

They are very social animals, and live in families that take care of each other. They can communicate over long distances and have a remarkable memory.

And they love to play. Watching a herd of elephants taking a bath together is so much fun. They splash about like children and you can see how much they are enjoying it.

A herd usually consists of a mother with her daughters and eventually granddaughters, and they stay together their whole life. The sisters even babysit the babies.  The males leave the herd when they are old enough and join a group of other males. I think that is actually a brilliant concept 😉 They travel great distances to forage for food and they can even smell water and dig it up if they have to. Quite amazing I think.

Since I can´t have an elephant as a pet (just kidding) I started collecting all sorts of elephant figurines and decorations. I´ve got quite the collection, and I love looking at them.


So there you go, just one of my many elephants in my home….





One thought on “A-Z Challenge day 5

  1. My mother- in-law was an avid elephant collector. She was a superstitious lady. All her elephants had to have the trunks in an up position otherwise it was bad luck. It was always a pleasure to search for that one unique elephant. Before she died in the early 80′ she had a couple hundred from nick nack size to a some as tall as 3 feet. She had one porcelan elephant that a young child could sit on.
    It was nice to to read of your collection. Thank you for sharing

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