A-Z Challenge day 8

H for  have a great weekend!

Any plans for the weekend? Going out partying? For a meal with your loved one? To the cinema?  Whatever you are planning on doing I hope you will enjoy yourself.

I don´t have any plans, just the usual, staying at home not eating, watching my favourite tv-show ( Grey´s Anatomy at the moment) and probably doing a bit of writing, and maybe some stitching. But that is fine.

I don´t mind that I can´t go out and do things other people can.

I have a plan. The plan is to keep up the good spirit, think positive and work on my issues. Losing weight has been going really great this week. I managed to stick to my limit and have so far lost 22kg. So, only 22kg more to get rid of until I can have my operation. I will do this!!! I am planning  on losing it hopefully be the end of June, and once I had the op. I will start rehabilitation and hopefully be able to get back to work as soon as possible.

I really miss work. It´s not so much the process itself, but getting out of the house, meeting nice people, and doing something useful is just great. And you get to have a weekend. What good is a weekend when you sit at home all week anyway? It is so much better to go to work and count down the days until the weekend starts!

So, to all of you hard working people out there I say it again:

Have a great weekend!




6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge day 8

  1. Oh I am so glad you have done so well and staying positive. You keep your goal in sight! 🙂 We are going walking this weekend, just a day trip for now since the weather is so changeable. I hope you have a lovely weekend – Greys Anatomy is great….its been a while since I have watched it though, but seeing you write it made me smile. 🙂

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    1. Yes staying positive is an important part of getting better I think. I mady some cheesy sausage rolls for the family today, that was fun and they love them 🙂 And the weather was great, and a big bumblebee found it´s way into my living room this afternoon lol. So a good day altogether 😉
      Have a great trip !


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