A-Z Challenge day 10

Jfor judgement


“Judge not, that you be not judged.”

Now, I am not usually one to refer to the bible, but I like this one. Not because I never find myself judging others for all kinds of reasons, but because I do!

We all go around all day passing judgement onto about everybody we lay our eyes on.

The person we see on the street, wearing the expensive suit and shoes, “He must be exploiting his workers, or at least rip people off to get so much money!”

The mother with the screaming child in the shop:”  She must be a bad mother because she has no control over her child!”

The homeless person sitting on a street corner:” He must be an alcoholic and it´s is own fault for being homeless.”

We can´t go a minute without judging others or even ourselves.  We are so used to it, it comes nearly as natural as breathing. Half of the time we don´t even realise that we do it.

And with ourselves we´re usually the most merciless.

“I´m fat and ugly, how can anybody love me?”

“I´m no good in my job, no wonder I will never find one again!”

“I´m stupid, no wonder I couldn´t finish school!”

But if we judge ourself so harshly, how can we go around hoping that others will be more gentle and forgiving? In our head we can nearly hear what people must think about us, because it seems so obvious. How can´t they see that we are worthless, if it is so clear to us?

I know that I am always really uncomfortable when I enter a room alone and there are a lot of people, because surely, they will all look at me and think: “How could she let herself become so fat?” Because that is a question I ask myself frequently. How could I?

But the thing is, most of these people will probably be more interested in their own problems, they will most likely not even look at me twice. I´m just so insecure and always expect the worst.

I´ve decided to change that. I will try to be more forgiving with myself and with others. Actively try not to think the worst of everybody I see. But look again and try to find something nice to say or think. Because when you be more forgiving with yourself, you will become more forgiving with others.

And that can make life so much better for everybody.

love and light







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