A-Z Challenge day 12

L for live, love and laugh

My life has come to a bit of a standstill lately, but I have been talking about that a bit before, so I don´t want to go into that too much today.

Love is something that everybody wants but a lot of people wouldn´t notice even if it would beat them over the head with a stick.

We´re all so preoccupied these days, that we hardly notice what is going on around us. Be it work, our phone, or the computer, we usually put our lives on hold because we have more important things to do.

Daily we get flooded with pictures of a perfect life, a perfect partner, perfect kids and a perfect job, so our expectations get ever so much higher and more unrealistic. We go speed-dating, just 2 minutes to decide if the person on the other side of the table is good enough for us. We use online dating agencies to find the “perfect” partner for us, just to end up dissappointed again.

Every time we meet someone, we start looking for flaws, still casting an eye on every other guy ( or girl), just in case he/she might be better. What if the perfect person is just around the corner, and we might settle with a lesser one?

So we rush through life, never  taking the time to actually get to know the person that might be the perfect partner, if we just looked properly. Love is just a word we use, but it is hardly ever a feeling we enjoy anymore.

To live in a relationship for 10, 20,30 or even more years, to really get to know someone, all his flaws, all his perks is something very few people experience anymore these days. To grow old with a partner, go through thick and thin, take the good and the bad in stride is a  rarity, something you muse about when you talk about your parents or even grand-parents.

To take care of someone until the end, is something that doesn´t really happen anymore, because we rather bolt at the first sign of difficulty. But isn´t the definition of love to care about your partner more than you care about yourself? To stay together even in the hour of despair? To laugh together?

And there we are: laugh together. The best families know how to fight, but more importantly how to laugh together. A good sense of humour goes a long way. It helps us through difficult times, it helps to make up after a fight.

When you meet someone, try to find out if you can laugh about the same things. And give them more than 2 minutes to get to know you. Put away your phone, look them in the eyes and share a meal together, go to see a movie. And talk!

Then you might have a chance to find the person that you can share the rest of your life with, the one to live, love and laugh with…

Love and light



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