A-Z Challenge day 16

P for patience

The one thing I have to learn while losing weight.

At the moment, it is going rather slowly. Though I’m trying hard by sticking to my low calories and becoming more active despite my disability, the weight is not going down much. So far I have lost 23kg which is quite a lot, but I still have to lose at least another 20.

My doctor was really happy with me on friday, but that doesn’t help me much. Yes, I’ve done well, yes it is a lot less than it was in January, but damn, why isn’t it going down a bit faster?!

Damn, damn, damn, why can’t there be a magical solution? I’m sick and tired of sitting at home, not being able to work, in severe pain all the time, for months on end.

I went to my old workplace on thursday to hand in my keys. Talking to the woman in the personal office, she told me that I should definitely come back as soon as I’m fit again, and so did my ex co-workers, but god knows how long that is going to take…

I hate to think that it could take until next year before I could be healthy enough to go back to work…

Patience indeed, is what I will need not to go insane….

Good night



2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge day 16

  1. I think your body is in an adjustment phase. This happens a lot when losing weight – it goes down, then adjusts, and falls again, adjusts, rinse and repeat. The weight didn’t go on overnight, so it won’t disappear overnight, as I’m sure you know. You are doing so very well – and to think your job is staying open for you when you are able to return, is brilliant! I’m very proud of you and your stamina. 😀

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    1. Thank you 😊 Yes I do know that you can’t expect the weight to go down in a steady flow. But it can still be a bit frustrating sometimes 😉. I’m a bit proud of myself as well, usually I would have just given up by now. But that’s not going to happen now!
      Good night 😀

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