A-Z Challenge day 17

Q for quitting

I will not quit!

This morning the scales showed a little less again, Yeah! – 24kg at last.

I am really happy, this is going  to work 🙂

It might go a bit slower than I hoped, but that doesn´t matter. The main thing is that I keep going. And that I will do!

I have plans for the future, and I am willing to do nearly everything to get better.

I want my job back as soon as possible, and I really would like to do a bit of travelling before I get too old for it. Not much, nothing fancy, but there is a few places I would like to see, and to do that, I have to be able to walk for more than 5 minutes.

I want to go and see Vienna, I´d love to go to Scotland and maybe Ireland, and I would love to go to Canada as well. Especially if my daughter really goes through with her plans to move to Canada in a couple of years.

So, only 19 kg to go, until I can get my operation.

I will not quit!!!

Good night



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