A-Z Challenge day 19

S for singing

As I said before, I always loved to sing. I just never really thought about doing it so others could hear me. Only about 8 years ago, a friend of mine  took me to a pub where she and her husband went to sing karaoke. The first time I went I wouldn´t even consider trying.

I love to sing in the background where nobody would take notice, but up on stage?! No way!!

I went back a week later, and still I couldn´t make up my mind what to sing, though I know loads of songs, I just couldn´t figure out a song that would work for me. In the end I went for one that didn´t work at all, but nobody threw anything or kicked me out, and I wasn´t any worse than some of the others, so it wasn´t too bad.

Week after week I returned, and eventually I was getting pretty good, or so my friends said, I really don´t know if that was true, but I loved it. Some nights I was singing song after song, I had a steady repertoire of about 15 songs, and many times people I didn´t even know asked me if they could sing a song with me, because they didn´t feel comfortable doing it alone. Unless I didn´t know the song at all, I was always happy to do that.

I met lots of lovely people at the pub, and for about 6 years I went at least once, sometimes twice a week. It was a great time, and we had a lot of fun. But a lot of the people that used to meet, moved away, and the pub changed a lot, it lost a lot of it´s character, and I just didn´t like going anymore.

Roughly at the same time, maybe a bit later, I joined the church choir of my local church. It was a lot different from singing in the pub, but it was fun as well. And I learned a lot. But I haven´t been to the choir for about 6 months now, mostly because I didn´t feel like singing much anymore. When you´re in constant pain, you just don´t like to sing.

Not even at home did I sing much anymore. Mostly, because I´m not working so singing in the car is out. I always sing in the car, even when it drives my family mad 🙂

I mostly sing along to the radio, or my favourite cd, it was a great way of practicing new songs without anybody hearing it.

But last week, when I was cleaning the kitchen, I put on some music and started singing along again. Just like that. I guess I am improving. I am feeling a bit more active, though still in pain, but I guess losing that much weight is making me a feel a lot better anyway.

I still can´t go to the choir, mostly because my youngest son has orchestra- practice at the same time, and since my hubby got his new medication for his parkinsons I don´t want him to drive too far. So I do the driving and instead of singing  we go for a cup of coffee and he has a piece of cake. So at least I get out of the house.

It´s a start, and if I keep losing weight at this rate, who knows, I might be going out again sooner that I think. I really would love to do that…

Love and light





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