A-Z Challenge day 21

U for uninspired

These last couple of days it was a bit of a struggle to find something to write about for this challenge.

So uninspired it is, lol.

I´ve had quite a few projects going, and it sometimes is difficult to figure out what to do first, that´s why I fell behind with the a-z challenge. But I will try and finish it all in time anyway.

For once I want to finish something I have started! That is a bit of a problem with me, I start of full of enthusiasm and about halfway through I just can´t be bothered anymore.

The only thing I always come back to is cross-stitching, and maybe singing as well. But that doesn´t  really count, because I can do it anytime I want. I don´t have to make an effort for it. It just comes naturally.

I couldn´t even tell you how many times I started to write a diary, and I never managed to do more than a couple of weeks worth, sometimes not even that much.

I have tried to do so many things, knitting, crocheting, cake decorating, which I still do occasionally, but not that well… I tried learning to play the keyboard, for a couple of weeks, but I just can´t be asked to practise. My fingers don´t want to do what I want.

This last couple of days I have been trying to get the decoration for  a cake done, not easy at all, I tell you, am still working on  a needlepaint picture that will be a present for my mum´s 75th birthday in September, something my daughter dreamed up and now she wants me to help. I really love to do it, it is such an interesting project, but I have no experience with this kind of needlework and it takes a long time to practice the stitches and than work the details properly. That´s why we have to do it now, so we might actually finish it in time. 20160425_224354.jpg

So, that´s why I was so uninspired to write anything the last week or so.

Not to mention that I am a bit preoccupied with my change in diet. I´ve been going through so many recipe´s to find something interesting and tasty AND low carb and low calory… But it is going well, I am confident and positive that I will be able to see this through, it seems to be getting easier and at least I don´t get moody and miserable, I think I haven´t been this relaxed about changing my eating habits ever before.

I even managed to bake a cake today without so much as tasting the mixture, something that is usually unheard off… lol. It smells great, by the way, but luckily I will not have to eat any of it, it will be the present for a friend´s granddaughter´s 18th birthday. The worst trial will be when I make the ganache and fill it, I can´t even try a little bit, that will be difficult.

But I will make it 🙂

Good night my friends



2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge day 21

  1. I had to google what Ganache was – it looks amazing. I don’t think I could eat it though…..a bit too sweet for me. Could you get someone else to make it? It seems a bit unfair that constant sweet stuff is in your way when you are working so hard to change your diet. Anyway, your stitch work is beautiful, I love the shading! And I wouldn’t worry too much about changing projects all the time, its the sign of an intelligent curious mind. I have tried to focus myself on doing one thing, but there are too many projects out there to have a go at 😀

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    1. No, the point is that nobody else can do it lol. But I don’t really mind. I like doing it. Just the temptation under my nose. I’m such a chocolate junkie 😉. And it’s only the one cake. I don’ t do it all the time luckily…

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