A-Z Challenge day 23

W watching snooker

ha, I bet you didn´t expect that!

To be honest , up until a couple of years ago, I couldn´t have cared less about it.  OK, I had heard of a few snooker players, but I never would have thought it interesting enough to actually sit down and watch it.

That was until my husband was sitting there one night watching the World championship and I think it was Ali Carter playing, I was playing something on the computer, and casting an occasional glance towards the TV, and I really got sucked in. Not that I had any idea what they where doing, but the way they where playing one safety after another it was really faszinating to watch, And that was it, I admit I was hooked.

Nowadays, I have familiarised myself with the lingo, so I actually know what the commentators are talking about, and I can more and more appreciate the beauty of the game. And I watch every match I can. Last year it even went as far as  telling my boss that I was coming in late for the night-shift, because I wanted to watch the end of  a session. That was definitely something I had never done before in my life!

Which was not too much of a problem, because a couple of months before, the men all came in late because they had to watch Germany play at the Football World Cup.

So at the moment, I am watching Marco Fu play Mark Selby, and it is a lot of fun as usual.

It´s just a shame that Ronnie O´Sullivan is out already….

Ah well, better make the most of it,

See ya all later 😉




6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge day 23

  1. I don’t really understand snooker to be honest, but I find it quite soothing to watch as its so quiet and all I hear is the clink of the balls being knocked. Same with tennis and cricket, I think (although those girls grunting at tennis is terrible, haha!)

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    1. haha, true that, if you didn´t see what they where doing, you´d imagine god knows what!
      But I must admit, I am getting pretty good at understanding it, it took me ages just to figure out what they where talking about, but it´s live and learn…. don´t get me started on cricket! My husband used to play it when he was still in the army, luckily by the time I met him he had stopped, and they don´t really show it on german tv. Thank god for small favours, I find it soooooo boring.

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      1. Oh I had to go and watch my dad play cricket when I lived with him for a while. I was bored to death, and the only good thing about it was the buffet they laid on for the break in play. I was the kid that hung around waiting for leftovers, haha, then I would climb the fence and go have a picnic.

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