A-Z Challenge day 24

X for Xanth

Xanth is a magical world full of puns, a series of books by Piers Anthony.

The first book I stumbled across was called “A Spell for Chameleon” and even though for a non-native speaker like me, it wasn´t easy, I loved it.

It has been many years ago, that I have read it, and since then I read about 25 books of the series, which originally started off as a trilogy I think.

As far as I remember all the creatures in Xanth have one magical ability, some big some small, but no two people have the same ability, and usually they have to go on one kind of quest or another. The stories are all really funny and chaotic, and you have to pay close attention so you don´t miss anything.

I guess for a german like me, it takes a lot of practice, but it is such a fun way of learning the language. I must admit my english was pretty good to start with, and I always had a knack for playing with words, in english and in german. I sometimes drive my husband around the bend, because I am usually much better at joking around than he is…  I have been known to be quite sarcastic and I´m afraid I have passed it on to my children as well….

Anyway, if you fancy a good light read, with not too much drama and a bit of romance, but not too sappy 😉  I can recommend any of the books, it doesn´t really matter if you get them in the right order, they are all seperate stories, even though some of the characters are related, and you might stumble over the odd connection.

Happy reading and good night!




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