Busy weekend :)

The last weekend I was really busy, that´s why I didn´t write anything for the blog yesterday. After letting the A-Z challenge slide a little bit last week, I had to catch up, because I really wanted to finish it in time. And I did :), maybe not the most imaginative writing on earth, but at least I did finish something at last.

On Friday night I finished decorating the birthday cake, so it was ready for picking up on Saturday, than I did a bit of cleaning the house, and a lot of stitching, though my neck and shoulders where really hurting in the end, so I had to take frequent brakes.

But I think I am doing well, it looks very nice, and I am sure we will get it done in time for my mum´s birthday 🙂

Here´s what I´ve done so far:


I like the design very much, and I certainly hope my mum will as well.

Once I finished my bit, I will show you what my daughter has done so far, she has been very busy indeed.

I think this will not be my last experience with needlepaint, especially because I did buy another kit when we did a workshop last year. The problem was that when I bought it, I didn´t realize that it was an intermediate project, and it looked quite a bit challenging, but after trying a few new stitches I feel a little more comfortable giving it a go.

But first I want to finish my last cross-stitch project, there is not too much to do on it and I only put it on hold for my mum´s, because my daughter asked me if I could do it so she can work on her bachelor´s thesis.

One really good thing about needlework, or any hobby really that keeps your mind busy, while I do that, I don´t feel hungry at all, so not much chance of being naughty and eating things I shouldn´t lol.

Speaking of eating, I have been doing quite well regarding that, so it is going slowly but surely, I just need to stay patient and that I will do.

So, good night friends

sleep well,




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