Spring cleaning :)

Well, the weather was great, sunny and reasonably warm today, so I thought it would be perfect for cleaning windows, washing curtains ect.

With the help from my hubby and my oldest son we managed to do it and it all looks nice and clean now, ready for father´s day tomorrow 🙂

As a bonus, I took some lovely pictures of the squirrel that has been visiting our bird-feeder over the last couple of months.



Here´s our little friend 🙂

20160504_133119.jpgThe view from my mum´s kitchen, I love how the trees become greener every day 🙂 The lovely clouds are always a nice bonus…


Finally my little green window, I´m certainly getting better at keeping my plants alive 😀

And the view into the back garden is getting better every day…

Didn´t get any stitching done, but as my last job for today, I managed to bake some lovely bread and it smells great. Too bad I have to wait for breakfast tomorrow morning to taste it…

Everything considered, it was a good day today, so I guess it is nearly time to go to bed.

Cheerio my friends ,

sleep well!



4 thoughts on “Spring cleaning :)

  1. I see that you caught your friend the squirrel just right. I love the clouds in the picture. They are so fluffy and white. Your plants do look like they are being tended with love, and now I’m hungry for your baked bread, and that will be all I am thinking of.

    Highest and Best!


  2. Haha, yes, the bread did smell great and tastes eveb better this morning… that little squirrel is a real cheeky one. This morning I walked out onto our porch and he just sat there again looking right at me nibbling on a nut. Shame I didn’t get chance to take another picture…


    1. Soring is my favourite season 😊 you can almost see things grow and come back to life. And we’ve got loads of birds in the garden, they are so much fun to watch and listen to…😀

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