Ok, I made the decision, I have booked myself into the online course for needlework. 😀

Took me a couple of days of thinking hard, but I think it is a good idea. It will keep me busy and learning new things is always  a good idea.

That will have me busy for about a year… Now I´m really looking forward to doing it, can´t wait until I get the paperwork!

I have been really busy these last couple of weeks, that´s why I haven´t done much writing lately. Losing weight is going quite well, slowly but it is still heading in the right direction, so I have started to move around more and managed to get a lot of things done that four months ago wouldn´t have been possible.

Seems that instead of losing muscles from sitting around so much, I have developed a bit more energy, so I can stand up longer and actually do a lot of the house-work, over the last week I´ve been cleaning nearly all the windows, managed to do some spring-cleaning and baking, so I am really happy and a lot more cheerful.

Still in a lot of pain, especially after the window-cleaning. I had to take some extra painkillers so I could hobble around a bit later.

The only thing I still avoid as much as possible is climbing stairs. So the cellar is still pretty much out of bounds and my poor mum is having to do all the washing. But luckily, we have got two strong boys in the house, and they can at least carry the washing up and down the stairs 😉

The last couple of days we had a bit of trouble around the house…. A pipe burst upstairs and Sunday night my mum had water leaking through the ceiling in three rooms.

So on Monday we had to empty and dismantle a wardrobe upstairs, so the plumber could try and find the burst pipe. Not very successfully I might add. The pipe was between the kitchen and bathroom and to change it would mean that we would have to rip up the whole floor of the kitchen and maybe some of the bedroom as well. But since my brother who lives up there hardly does any cooking in there we decided that that will not happen. Too bloody expensive, especially because he only moved in there last year and had all the floors fitted with new carpets.

Well, that´s the problem with a 40 year old house, always something to repair. Today the plumber turned up very early because he was supposed to free a blocked drain pipe. That was a mess!!! He ended up taking a shower when he opened up the pipe, and everything splashed all over the cellar floor and some shelves with christmas decorations. God the smell was awful, and it took the best of the morning to mop up the mess and change the pipes.

But at least it´s done now, and the smell is nearly gone…

Tomorrow will be a bit of a day of rest, we are going to meet some friends for a cup of coffee  in the morning, we deserve that after all the hassle the last couple of days I think 🙂

That´s all for now, I want to try and go to bed before midnight, though I´m cutting it a bit close as usual, haha,

Good night my friends



4 thoughts on “Decisions….

  1. Wow, you have been a busy little bee haven’t you?, and your cheeriness really shines through in your writing! I am so happy for you – although you have my sympathy over the plumbing troubles. I have a blocked pipe in the bathroom and despite plunging, it looks like a plumber is required. Anyway, good for you with signing up for the course – I can’t wait to hear how you get on with it 😀

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    1. That doesn´t sound too nice either, Jim… messing with electicity or plumbing is generally not a good idea. That´s why my son is training to become an electrician. Always useful to have a handyman around the house lol.

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