Martina2 13.5.16

Today I went for a hair-cut 🙂 for the first time since my birthday last october…

Had about 7inches cut off. It is really weird I can still pull them back but they are very short compared to what I had for the last couple of years. And I have even the slightest hint of a fringe, just to be fancy 😉

But spring is the time for change, so I thought there is no time like the present, since I am trying to change a few aspects of my life, might as well do it right. And I must say that I really like it, am actually thinking of having them a bit shorter next time….

My head feels really light, and in this warm weather we have had for the last couple of days it´s a relief 🙂

Losing weight is going really well, I´ve lost over 28kg so far, and I feel great. The lovely sunshine outside is helping as well, makes me much more cheerful and everything looks fresh and green, flowers are blooming everywhere, the frogs are singing in our garden, lol, I don´t know if the neighbours like it, but I for one love it.

And there is loads of birds chirping happily in the garden, it is just so much fun to watch them jump around in the trees ans bushes, fighting over the bird seed 😀

I´ve ordered all the material I need for my course, it was quite expensive but I hope it is worth it. Can´t wait to get my hands on the first lot of paperwork, to see what I have to stitch 🙂

But I will have to be patient, and we have got a bank holiday weekend ahead of us, so I will get the chance to carry on with my mums birthday present. Haven´t done anything the last couple of days, because I had some problems, looks like I am allergic to pollen, my nose is constantly runny, I´m sneezing about a hundred times a day, and my eyes feel like I haven´t slept in days. They are really bloodshot.

So I will give them a rest, and try to get an early nights sleep. Tomorrow will be busy, baking some more bread, trying to give the place a good clean, so it looks nice for the weekend, and on sunday I will make another cake.

Good night my friends




2 thoughts on “Changes….

  1. Good morning 😀 You look fabulous – great hair, lovely complexion, you look very relaxed. I love this time of year as well, with everything in full bloom and all the birds singing their little hearts out. Have a wonderful weekend!

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