Cheatday :D !!!

Today is a bank-holiday, the first of two here in Germany, so this is my chance for a good cheat-day. Especially because the scales where more than friendly to me this morning, for the first time it showed me that I have lost 30kg!!! Yeah, I can do it!!!

So, I made a nice cake for coffee and we will enjoy it with a lovely cup of tea in a couple of minutes.


And for tea tonight we will have Roastbeef with Yorkshire puddings, yummy!

Well, what can I say, it was delicious, there is just 2 pieces left, it just about melts in your mouth…. And that´s what it looks like on the inside:


Creamy cheesecake with a meringue topping, yuuuumy! 😉

Have a great weekend



3 thoughts on “Cheatday :D !!!

    1. Thank you 😀 I can assure you it was as delicious as it looked. And so easy to make, I tried it first time at christmas, and just added some tangerine slices for a bit of fruity flavour, everybody loved it.
      And I am really happy with the way my weight is going down, if I keep going like this, I will be under the knife in no time at all… and hopefully back at work by the end of the year latest… keep your fingers crossed 😉

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      1. Oh I’ll keep my fingers AND toes crossed for you! And the tangerine added to the Christmas cake sounds divine! I would never have thought cakes could even have that – carrots yeah, but not tangerines. Very imaginative! 😀

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