Well folks,

what do you know, I´ve got a date for my operation!!!

I had an appointment at a different hospital this morning, and the doctor there was really nice. He took one look at my x-rays and had a quick look at my knee and the next question was”So when do you want to have the op?”

My answer obviously being:” As soon as possible”, he looked at his schedule and said:        ” will next week do?”

I was a bit shocked to be honest, but now I am really happy. And I am actually glad that I waited the 2months before I went to see another doctor, I feel so much better now, than I did in March, a lot stronger and more confident, and that can make a whole lot of difference with the recovery. Losing 30kg certainly doesn´t hurt either.

I hope I will be up and about in no time, especially because I should be able to use the leg straight after the op. I will be starting physio straight away and will be leaving the hospital after about 10 days if everything goes well. Then I will hopefully go to a reha-clinic, for a couple of weeks, to learn how to exercize with the new knee and learn to walk with it properly.

God, I will probably not sleep very well for the next week or so, lol, I am always a nervous wreck before things like this…

But who cares, I´m sure it will all go well.

Good night folks





4 thoughts on “Operation

  1. Gosh! That happened fast! Is it just a knee replacement you are getting (not that I’m saying “just”, like its nothing, but you know what I mean) Is that the only thing you have been waiting for? I know an older lady who has had one done recently, and she is celebrating just over 2 months now, by driving her little car. So, even though everyone is different, recovery seems to be relatively straightforward. 😀

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    1. Yes it is a knee replacement. And I’m hoping mine will be just as swift lol. The problem is that I need both knees done and I will probably have to wait about three months to have the second one . But at least it is happening now 😀! For better or worse, I will find out soon !

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      1. Oh I’m sure it will be for the better, of course. Can’t be any worse than if you are suffering now. If you don’t manage to post between now and then, I’ll be thinking of you and sending good thought vibes across to Germany 😀

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