Monthly Archives: June 2016

I’m still alive!😀

Sorry I have been quiet for the last couple of weeks, but I’ve had my knee surgery on the third of june and am now at a reha-clinic having lots of physio. Because of that, I’m really busy and at night quite exhausted and in pain but it’s getting better every day 😀.

I wouldn’t even have minded doing some writing, but there is no internet connection in the rooms, so I would have to sit in the lobby with my laptop and I didn’t like that idea, since there is no proper tables and balancing the hot laptop on my freshly operated knee is not very appealing. So just a quick resumee of the last 22  days: surgery went really well, 20160607_074405.jpgthis was about 3 days after the surgery.

Stitches have been removed 8 days ago and it looks really great.

20160625_132217.jpgI took this one today 😊.

Mobility is good, I can put full weight on it and I frequently walk stairs as well to get it well excercized. Obviously there has been quite a bit of muscle waistage due to the lack of excercise in the last couple of months, but I am working hard to build them up and strengthen them. The really difficult part is that the muscles are a lot shorter than they should be. And it is quite painful to get them to stretch so I can properly straighten the leg again. But I can see improvement every day and that is the important thing. I can go swimming every day and if the weather allowes it I go for a walk.

We had awfully hot weather the last couple of days and that didn’t make it any easier, but that didn’t stop me. 😀