The trials and tribulations of….



just a few quick words to let you know what´s going on.

I´ve been home for 3 days now, and as great as it is, it has been a bit of a struggle do get back into a routine.

I came home on tuesday morning and after cooking dinner first I had to see my gp. to let him know what had been going on, hand in all the paperwork from the hospital and the reha- clinic and get a prescription for physio.

Next I went to the pysio-therapist, who told me that they are booked solid, especially because the summer holidays start next week and a few of the therapists are on holiday. But I managed to get two appointments for next week and we will have to see from there.

Than I had to make a few phone-calls to see if there is any reha- sports groups in the area, and the one I found is booked out as well. It is really frustrating if you want to do something and people tell you that there is nothing they can do to help you. But I will keep trying, I have to do this so I can get fit for my second surgery.

The doctor in the clinic told me that I should wait at least 6 months before I even consider having the second knee done. Even though I was hoping to have it done a lot sooner, I decided that I will probably take his advice and rather try to lose some more weight until the end of the year, that would make everything so much easier. So far I have lost 34,6kg!!

I can´t believe that I have managed to lose so much weight in just about 6 months!

Admittedly the last 5 weeks where a bit slow, but that was due to hospital food, and lack of mobility, so now I am back on my own diet, I do my own cooking again, and that will help a lot. As you can see, I am still determined to do this!!!

Good night folks




5 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of….

  1. Just read this as I was closing down the laptop for the night. Great to hear from you again, and yeah, frustrating news about rehab stuff – but hey…you are home and cooking your own food, and still doing what you can, so thats fabulous! Keep it up, I’m so happy for you 😀

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      1. Good for you on having another good day. Quite envious of the bbq mind you – its done nothing but rain over here for a few weeks now. So much for summer, ha!


      2. weather was lovely, though really warm and muggy. But I was really good, had a lot of salad and just a bit of chicken, nothing too high calorie. So I stayed way under the limit with my maximum of 1000 cal. 🙂

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