I finished the last three squares of my project last weekend. Now all that is left to do is work a kind of frame around it to make them stand out a bit better.

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I must say I really enjoyed working on this and have ordered the materials for the next part of the course last night. I can´t wait for it to turn up. The threads are really beautiful and I have decided to use different colours this time and the fabric will be very different and unusual as well.

Obviously I will show you the finished piece hopefully in a couple of days, but it will take me a while to finish it first.

Apart from this I have been quite busy trying to excersize every day. I have already been swimming this morning, you wouldn´t believe how crowded a swimming pool can be at 6.30 in the morning! But never mind, I finished 40 laps in just under an hour, I can´t believe how slow I am…



4 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Oh your stitching looks fabulous! And the swimming sounds just fine – stop decrying it! 😀 For someone who just had a knee op, to swim 40 laps is amazing in itself! I couldn’t do it I don’t think, and my knees are alright *touch wood* at the moment. Come to think of it, getting up at 6am to go swimming is…..just, erm….lets just say it would be hard work!

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      1. Yes I know how you feel – thats why I stopped swimming because all the people just splashed very messily around me! I think personal swimming pools should be compulsory for those that are in recovery! 😀


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