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And another project…

I have told you about the birthday-present for my mum, that my daughter and I have been working on over the last couple of months, and I have posted some pictures  before as well.

Well, I still haven´t finished it, but it is getting there slowly. My daughter has nearly finished all of her bits, she only has to do a bit of touching up on the writing, but I still have to finish my last motif.

The main problem is that when I go swimming twice a week, my eyes are always really bloodshot and burning,so stitching isn´t really possible. But the good news is that I have ordered myself a pair of swimming goggles, with the proper optical lenses, so, from next week my eyes will be well protected and I can still see where I am going in the pool 😉

wp-image-1613438535jpg.jpgThis is one of the motifs my daughter has worked, I really love it  and I think she did very well 🙂wp-image-693995799jpg.jpgAnd this is my work so far, as you can see there is still a lot to be done… But I will definitely finish it in time for my mums birthday 🙂

wp-image-1394193312jpg.jpgMy daughter actually did the initials of my mum´s name as well. not to mention the poem that is worked in the middle. I couldn´t take a picture of the whole thing yet, but as soon as it is finished I will do!

As you will probably be able to see, we are quite new to this particular kind of needlework, it is pretty much trial and error, but I think we are doing pretty well considering.

So, hopefully I will be able to finish it in plenty of time, because I will have to wash it and frame it myself as well, and that is not as easy as it sounds either….


Finished project

Well, sorry I haven´t been writing the last couple of weeks, I just didn´t feel like it and was busy doing other things.

Just a quick update: So far I have lost 42 kg of weight, my operated knee is doing reasonably well considering it has been only 10 weeks since the operation.

I have been trying to do as much exercise as possible, but the left knee keeps playing up, I can hardly walk more then 5 minutes before it stiffens up, so I avoid walking longer distances whenever possible. But I go swimming twice a week, that is fun and good for the knees.

So, as promised, I will show you what became of the project I was doing from my online class:

wp-image-514523991jpg.jpg It still needs a frame, but so far I haven´t gotten round to buying one. I still think it looks pretty good, and it was a lot of fun to do.

Now I am back working on my mum´s birthday present, not much more time to finish it until her birthday on September 29th.  I probably won´t be writing much until then, and even afterwards, I most likely will be too busy, because my second piece for the online course is already waiting to be stitched… I will show you the finished project as soon as it is done of course 🙂