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Day 5 of commenting bootcamp

Now how was it going for you, fellow bloggers?

After yesterdays not so easy assignment today went fairly easy. Had a couple of nice conversations today. I did try not to spend too much time online and did some cross-stitch instead. My project is coming along quite nicely.20160321_230156.jpg

It keeps me occupied and not constantly thinking about food.

Yesterday was a really bad day, I was sooo hungry all day and I did eat more than I actually should have. But today I did better. So hopefully that was just a small hiccup.

Easter is a bit difficult because traditionally there is always some nice food involved. I will bake a nice cake but will probably not eat it. On sunday I will make leg of lamb with oven potatoes. But I will only have one or the other.

So I’ve got everything planned. We’ll see how that works out 😉. At least there is no chocolate in the house.

Good night  happy campers



Just a thought before bedtime….

One step at a time…

You live your life one step at a time.

But you rush through it always three steps ahead.

Never in the moment, always hoping, wishing for

something better, something more,

because this life can´t be everything.

You deserve more.

You only see what all the others have, and forget

what is yours already.

You see the ads on TV, all the stuff you should buy.

But you don´t see your children or your friends.

You don´t see the things that money can´t buy.

And rush after things that don´t matter at all.

Stop chasing after posessions,

they can´t give you what you need.

Be grateful for what you have,

abandon the greed.

Celebrate life, enjoy the beauty around you,

A flower, a cloud in the sky,  a walk in the park

a baby´s smile.

You live your life one step at a time,

and before you know it, you´ve let it pass by….

Commenting bootcamp day 4


well, I have done my bit, though it wasn´t easy again.

I actually did write quite a long comment, I just don´t know if it will be well received…. am a bit worried about that to be honest. Politics is always a dangerous topic even worse when Religion get´s mixed in,  where you have to tread lightly and usually I just keep quiet because I find the ensuing discussions rather tiresome and often aggressive. But I tried and just hope that I don´t get in trouble for it… 😉



Day 2 commenting bootcamp…


One of my many pictures 🙂


Last night, it was a bit more difficult to get the task done. While Monday, I managed to comment on quite a few blogs, yesterday proved to be a bit more tricky.

Liking a blog and finding something to relate to so you can share some personal story are two different things altogether.

In the end I did find something but I´m not sure if I really succeeded… well I tried anyway.

I can´t believe how many different sites I checked out the last 2 days. And every one of them was amazing in it´s own way. So many creative minds at work…. I have to be careful not to lose track of time while I read so many great stories.

Now I´m a bit at a loss to figure out what to write about myself….

My life at the moment is not exactly exciting. Since I am in constant pain, going out is hardly something I want to do, as anybody whith chronic pain can probably relate to.

So, I stay home and try to find things to do. I love to do cross-stitch and over the years I have done so many pictures that I have lost count. But, as anybody who does any kind of craft undoubtedly knows, there are plenty more to do 😀.

Also, sitting for hours on end puts a lot of strain on my back and neck so I have to be careful not to end up with a headache. Lately, my mobile is quite a distraction as well and I think as much as I like it, I have to be careful not to spend all my time browsing the net…

However, for today´s task I will have to do just that, so I better start looking again haha 😉

Have a great day my friends







First impressions

Well, today was a really interesting day. I looked at many new blogs, read some touching, heartwarming,some sad,some uplifting stories and I have a lot to contemplate.

One thing I learned today is that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. No matter how bad you think your life is, how difficult your situation, there is always somebody else who believes his or her life is worse, and a lot of the time they are actually right.

Another thing is: There is almost always a solution to your problems. It might not be easy, you might not like it, it might not be what you want right now,but if you put your mind to it, you can change something. It might take you in a completely different direction, but sometimes that is just what you need.

And a third thing is: you will only find out what you can do if you try. The world is full of opportunities and is up to you if you take some of them or if you end up regretting that you didn’t.

Today I did just that. And it felt good. I don’t know where it takes me and I don’t know who I will meet on this new path but no matter what,at least I won’t regret trying 💖

love and light to you my friends…