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And now for something completely different….

and no, it has nothing to do with Monty Python 😉

As I may have mentioned before ( pretty sure I have, but am just too lazy to check and make sure) I have been thinking about taking an online course for embroidery and needlework.

Last month, just before I had my surgery, I had actually booked the course, and I actually got all the material just in time as well. So, when I was in the Reha-clinic, I had a bit of time to start looking at the different stitches, and I even tried a couple of them. Each of the different moduls ( there are 7), explains different stitches and each of them is worked on different fabrics. You also work with different kinds of threads.

So, each stitch is worked in a different thread, from silks to crewel wool and it is faczinating what a difference  that makes.

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As you can see in the pictures, most “stitch groups ” contains 2 or more individual Stitches to make them complete, some as many as 8, so you get a lot of different textures, which comes useful when you use them in pictures. As I am only practicing them for now, all I have done is fill squares on a piece of canvas, so in the end it becomes sort of a stitch library if you want.

So far, I have finished 9 of the 12 individual stitches, and I guess I will finish the last 3 by the weekend.

I really love the colours and the shine of the threads, and I can´t wait for the next part of the course 🙂

Take care my friends



Spring cleaning :)

Well, the weather was great, sunny and reasonably warm today, so I thought it would be perfect for cleaning windows, washing curtains ect.

With the help from my hubby and my oldest son we managed to do it and it all looks nice and clean now, ready for father´s day tomorrow 🙂

As a bonus, I took some lovely pictures of the squirrel that has been visiting our bird-feeder over the last couple of months.



Here´s our little friend 🙂

20160504_133119.jpgThe view from my mum´s kitchen, I love how the trees become greener every day 🙂 The lovely clouds are always a nice bonus…


Finally my little green window, I´m certainly getting better at keeping my plants alive 😀

And the view into the back garden is getting better every day…

Didn´t get any stitching done, but as my last job for today, I managed to bake some lovely bread and it smells great. Too bad I have to wait for breakfast tomorrow morning to taste it…

Everything considered, it was a good day today, so I guess it is nearly time to go to bed.

Cheerio my friends ,

sleep well!