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I finished the last three squares of my project last weekend. Now all that is left to do is work a kind of frame around it to make them stand out a bit better.

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I must say I really enjoyed working on this and have ordered the materials for the next part of the course last night. I can´t wait for it to turn up. The threads are really beautiful and I have decided to use different colours this time and the fabric will be very different and unusual as well.

Obviously I will show you the finished piece hopefully in a couple of days, but it will take me a while to finish it first.

Apart from this I have been quite busy trying to excersize every day. I have already been swimming this morning, you wouldn´t believe how crowded a swimming pool can be at 6.30 in the morning! But never mind, I finished 40 laps in just under an hour, I can´t believe how slow I am…



I’m still alive!😀

Sorry I have been quiet for the last couple of weeks, but I’ve had my knee surgery on the third of june and am now at a reha-clinic having lots of physio. Because of that, I’m really busy and at night quite exhausted and in pain but it’s getting better every day 😀.

I wouldn’t even have minded doing some writing, but there is no internet connection in the rooms, so I would have to sit in the lobby with my laptop and I didn’t like that idea, since there is no proper tables and balancing the hot laptop on my freshly operated knee is not very appealing. So just a quick resumee of the last 22  days: surgery went really well, 20160607_074405.jpgthis was about 3 days after the surgery.

Stitches have been removed 8 days ago and it looks really great.

20160625_132217.jpgI took this one today 😊.

Mobility is good, I can put full weight on it and I frequently walk stairs as well to get it well excercized. Obviously there has been quite a bit of muscle waistage due to the lack of excercise in the last couple of months, but I am working hard to build them up and strengthen them. The really difficult part is that the muscles are a lot shorter than they should be. And it is quite painful to get them to stretch so I can properly straighten the leg again. But I can see improvement every day and that is the important thing. I can go swimming every day and if the weather allowes it I go for a walk.

We had awfully hot weather the last couple of days and that didn’t make it any easier, but that didn’t stop me. 😀



I did it again…  well actually I didn´t, write I mean.

I have been really preoccupied with my operation coming close and still trying to lose a bit of weight before I go into hospital… not very successfully I might add.

My weight is stubbornly moving up and down about 1 kg for the last 10 days, and it is p….ng me off severely I can tell you!!

But at least it isn´t going up any further, that´s one good thing.

Otherwise, I have not been very busy, no cross-stitch or anything else productive. I seem to have developed  an allergy, I reckon it is pollen, so I am constantly sneezing, my eyes are sore and my nose is running all the time. It is really annoying, so it looks like I have to see another doctor some time in the future. I tried some allergy tablets but all they do is knock me out, not reducing any of the symptoms. So that´s no good at all… I can´t believe this is happening, I had an allergy-test about three years ago, and I was fine, so where the hell is this coming from all of a sudden?!

I just hope it doesn´t cause any problem with the op, that would be all I need…

A couple of days ago I decided to take a photo of myself again, I took one in march but I will not show that, that is just for comparison in the future, when I will hopefully havelost some more weight. I really didn´t know if I wanted to post this, but in the end I thought what the hell, I might as well 😉


I never really liked having my foto taken, even as a child, but these days it is even worse, I try to avoid cameras wherever I can, and that is not easy, because my mum loves to take pictures wherever we are.

So there you are, that´s me, and now you can see why I have to lose so much weight.

I hope that it will become easier after the op, when I can walk a bit better and hopefully be able to excersize a bit more. I am really looking forward to that, though I was never really one to enjoy sports, but I quite liked going to the gym. I actually would love to do that again…

So, keep your fingers crossed for me, that everything goes as planned, that way I might be able to do all the things I have wanted to do for a long time 🙂

Good night



Martina2 13.5.16

Today I went for a hair-cut 🙂 for the first time since my birthday last october…

Had about 7inches cut off. It is really weird I can still pull them back but they are very short compared to what I had for the last couple of years. And I have even the slightest hint of a fringe, just to be fancy 😉

But spring is the time for change, so I thought there is no time like the present, since I am trying to change a few aspects of my life, might as well do it right. And I must say that I really like it, am actually thinking of having them a bit shorter next time….

My head feels really light, and in this warm weather we have had for the last couple of days it´s a relief 🙂

Losing weight is going really well, I´ve lost over 28kg so far, and I feel great. The lovely sunshine outside is helping as well, makes me much more cheerful and everything looks fresh and green, flowers are blooming everywhere, the frogs are singing in our garden, lol, I don´t know if the neighbours like it, but I for one love it.

And there is loads of birds chirping happily in the garden, it is just so much fun to watch them jump around in the trees ans bushes, fighting over the bird seed 😀

I´ve ordered all the material I need for my course, it was quite expensive but I hope it is worth it. Can´t wait to get my hands on the first lot of paperwork, to see what I have to stitch 🙂

But I will have to be patient, and we have got a bank holiday weekend ahead of us, so I will get the chance to carry on with my mums birthday present. Haven´t done anything the last couple of days, because I had some problems, looks like I am allergic to pollen, my nose is constantly runny, I´m sneezing about a hundred times a day, and my eyes feel like I haven´t slept in days. They are really bloodshot.

So I will give them a rest, and try to get an early nights sleep. Tomorrow will be busy, baking some more bread, trying to give the place a good clean, so it looks nice for the weekend, and on sunday I will make another cake.

Good night my friends




Ok, I made the decision, I have booked myself into the online course for needlework. 😀

Took me a couple of days of thinking hard, but I think it is a good idea. It will keep me busy and learning new things is always  a good idea.

That will have me busy for about a year… Now I´m really looking forward to doing it, can´t wait until I get the paperwork!

I have been really busy these last couple of weeks, that´s why I haven´t done much writing lately. Losing weight is going quite well, slowly but it is still heading in the right direction, so I have started to move around more and managed to get a lot of things done that four months ago wouldn´t have been possible.

Seems that instead of losing muscles from sitting around so much, I have developed a bit more energy, so I can stand up longer and actually do a lot of the house-work, over the last week I´ve been cleaning nearly all the windows, managed to do some spring-cleaning and baking, so I am really happy and a lot more cheerful.

Still in a lot of pain, especially after the window-cleaning. I had to take some extra painkillers so I could hobble around a bit later.

The only thing I still avoid as much as possible is climbing stairs. So the cellar is still pretty much out of bounds and my poor mum is having to do all the washing. But luckily, we have got two strong boys in the house, and they can at least carry the washing up and down the stairs 😉

The last couple of days we had a bit of trouble around the house…. A pipe burst upstairs and Sunday night my mum had water leaking through the ceiling in three rooms.

So on Monday we had to empty and dismantle a wardrobe upstairs, so the plumber could try and find the burst pipe. Not very successfully I might add. The pipe was between the kitchen and bathroom and to change it would mean that we would have to rip up the whole floor of the kitchen and maybe some of the bedroom as well. But since my brother who lives up there hardly does any cooking in there we decided that that will not happen. Too bloody expensive, especially because he only moved in there last year and had all the floors fitted with new carpets.

Well, that´s the problem with a 40 year old house, always something to repair. Today the plumber turned up very early because he was supposed to free a blocked drain pipe. That was a mess!!! He ended up taking a shower when he opened up the pipe, and everything splashed all over the cellar floor and some shelves with christmas decorations. God the smell was awful, and it took the best of the morning to mop up the mess and change the pipes.

But at least it´s done now, and the smell is nearly gone…

Tomorrow will be a bit of a day of rest, we are going to meet some friends for a cup of coffee  in the morning, we deserve that after all the hassle the last couple of days I think 🙂

That´s all for now, I want to try and go to bed before midnight, though I´m cutting it a bit close as usual, haha,

Good night my friends



Today, I got my catalogue for the anual arts and crafts show I like to visit.

Usually in September, this year it will be at the end of October. No idea if I will actually be able to go this year.Last year it was a bit difficult because I had problems walking, and the only reason we went was that it was on my daughter´s birthday and I had promised her to go. And we had booked 2 workshops each which turned out to be a lot of fun. So I was glad that we went.

Looking through the catalogue, I remembered that many years ago I had been thinking of taking up classes for needlework, but at the time couldn´t afford the fees, so I went looking online to check if there where still courses I might be able to do and to afford.

The good thing is that there is a place where you can do online classes, and they are not too expensive either. They are held by a former student of the royal school of needlework in UK, so hopefully they should be quite good.

So now I am really tempted to try at least one course, to see if I could actually do something like that. Needlework was always something I loved to do, and basically the only thing I was ever any good at…

Not sure if I could do anything with it though, like trying to teach people how to do it, so I don´t exactly know if it would be worth it.

One of the problems is that even though the  courses aren´t that expensive, at least the beginners course isn´t, but the materials are quite pricey. So I will have to think about it a bit more before I make a decision.

I better sleep about it….

Good night friends


Spring cleaning :)

Well, the weather was great, sunny and reasonably warm today, so I thought it would be perfect for cleaning windows, washing curtains ect.

With the help from my hubby and my oldest son we managed to do it and it all looks nice and clean now, ready for father´s day tomorrow 🙂

As a bonus, I took some lovely pictures of the squirrel that has been visiting our bird-feeder over the last couple of months.



Here´s our little friend 🙂

20160504_133119.jpgThe view from my mum´s kitchen, I love how the trees become greener every day 🙂 The lovely clouds are always a nice bonus…


Finally my little green window, I´m certainly getting better at keeping my plants alive 😀

And the view into the back garden is getting better every day…

Didn´t get any stitching done, but as my last job for today, I managed to bake some lovely bread and it smells great. Too bad I have to wait for breakfast tomorrow morning to taste it…

Everything considered, it was a good day today, so I guess it is nearly time to go to bed.

Cheerio my friends ,

sleep well!


A-Z Challenge day 26

Z for zzzzzz

how do you sleep? I for one hardly ever get to bed before one in the morning. Unless I have to start work early, which at the moment doesn´t happen.

My husband is usually in bed no later than half ten. So by the time I get to bed, he is snoring heavily, and that keeps me awake even longer. I have tried going to bed earlier, but then I end up lying awake for two hours until my usual sleeping time…. or if I fall asleep by accident, I wake up at four in the morning and can´t get back to sleep.

So I wait untill I am really tired before I go to bed, and that works pretty well for me.

Tonight it was snooker that kept me awake, lol, Selby only just finished his game, so now I am off to bed, I just hope I can get to sleep quickly….

Good night folks

Sleep well


A-Z Challenge day 23

W watching snooker

ha, I bet you didn´t expect that!

To be honest , up until a couple of years ago, I couldn´t have cared less about it.  OK, I had heard of a few snooker players, but I never would have thought it interesting enough to actually sit down and watch it.

That was until my husband was sitting there one night watching the World championship and I think it was Ali Carter playing, I was playing something on the computer, and casting an occasional glance towards the TV, and I really got sucked in. Not that I had any idea what they where doing, but the way they where playing one safety after another it was really faszinating to watch, And that was it, I admit I was hooked.

Nowadays, I have familiarised myself with the lingo, so I actually know what the commentators are talking about, and I can more and more appreciate the beauty of the game. And I watch every match I can. Last year it even went as far as  telling my boss that I was coming in late for the night-shift, because I wanted to watch the end of  a session. That was definitely something I had never done before in my life!

Which was not too much of a problem, because a couple of months before, the men all came in late because they had to watch Germany play at the Football World Cup.

So at the moment, I am watching Marco Fu play Mark Selby, and it is a lot of fun as usual.

It´s just a shame that Ronnie O´Sullivan is out already….

Ah well, better make the most of it,

See ya all later 😉



A-Z Challenge day 22

V for village

well, the place where I live is not really a village, but not much of a town either. It is a rural area, with plenty of farms, fields and cows , not small enough to know everybody anymore, but the neighbourhood is at least a bit more friendly than living in the city. You know the people that live on your street, may that be good or bad, I don´t want to decide.

When we moved here, 40!!! years ago, I was 5 years old, turning 6 a couple of months later. I started school that summer, and I remember loving to roam the fields and a small wooded area just down the road. Not really a wood where you could get lost, but perfect to play all day, climb trees and feel like an adventurer.

Nowadays there in hardly any trees left, there have been houses built left, right and centre, and the only place where children can play is the playground just opposite of our house. Not that anybody would let their children run around unsupervised!

God only knows how we survived, because as soon as we could, we went off to play outside with friends, or in my case, alone, and nobody knew where we where for hours… We only came home when we where either hungry or hurt ourselves, sometimes not even that, because we might have been grounded, or at least shouted at for being foolish.

I remember going out on my bike, one summer, maybe about 10 years old, wanting to go swimming, and having to cross the main road, got hit by a car. Nothing really dramatic, just the front tire of my bike was bent, and  I had some cuts and bruises, but obviously I didn´t go back home! No way, my mum would have thrown a fit if I had come back, so I just headed to the swimming pool anyway.

Bad luck for me, because one of our neighbours had seen the whole thing of course, and when she saw my mum, asked if I was all right. So, you can probably imagine the state my mum was in when I got home, I certainly got my head ripped off, lol, more for not being careful and damaging the bike mind you, than about my bruises.

The one thing I liked about the way we grew up was, that we got independent a lot more quickly than children these days. We didn´t have many toys, so we made our own. My dad had a workshop in the cellar with loads of tools, saws, hammer anything you needed, and I remember when he was at work I went down there and made myself a rifle out of a piece of wood I found. I didn´t cut off a finger, and it was so much fun, trying to figure out myself how to do it. I was really proud of it, even though it looked like crap probably, but at least I made it myself. And with proper tools, not the stupid little things they sell for kids these days.

I must say, I am really glad that I grew up in the good old days, without a computer, a car, or anything else. If I wanted to go anywhere I had to either walk or ride my bike, and my favourite pasttime when at home was reading anything I could get my hands on. Watching TV was something we hardly ever did, with only 3 channels and not a lot of childrens programmes.

We had to use our own imagination, and that´s what we did. I still have a bit of a knack for daydreaming, especially now that I am not working, so I have plenty of time for it 🙂

Enough of remeniscing for one night I guess.

Good night and sweet dreams my friends….