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Finished project

Well, sorry I haven´t been writing the last couple of weeks, I just didn´t feel like it and was busy doing other things.

Just a quick update: So far I have lost 42 kg of weight, my operated knee is doing reasonably well considering it has been only 10 weeks since the operation.

I have been trying to do as much exercise as possible, but the left knee keeps playing up, I can hardly walk more then 5 minutes before it stiffens up, so I avoid walking longer distances whenever possible. But I go swimming twice a week, that is fun and good for the knees.

So, as promised, I will show you what became of the project I was doing from my online class:

wp-image-514523991jpg.jpg It still needs a frame, but so far I haven´t gotten round to buying one. I still think it looks pretty good, and it was a lot of fun to do.

Now I am back working on my mum´s birthday present, not much more time to finish it until her birthday on September 29th.  I probably won´t be writing much until then, and even afterwards, I most likely will be too busy, because my second piece for the online course is already waiting to be stitched… I will show you the finished project as soon as it is done of course 🙂



A-Z Challenge day 20

T for temptation

Temptation is something we have to face every day.

Sometimes it´s the bar of chocolate that is lying on the table, and that is calling us to eat it. Or the handbag we see in the shop, that has our name written all over it, though we know that we can´t afford it.

So what to do? Give in to it or just ignore it ?

I for one have been quite successful at avoiding it lately. I managed to stick to the rules and it is paying off nicely. As of this morning I have lost 25! kg 😀

I can´t tell you how pleased I am!

This last week went so smoothly, I really don´t know what is going on with me. It would be a relief if I had actually managed to get my bad habits under control for good, but I guess there will be some more trials and tribulations before I can finally say: “I did it!”

I don´t think I ever managed to stick to a diet properly for this long, it has been nearly 4 months and I have really done well without exercising unlike the last couple of times, where I only managed to lose quite a bit of weight because I went to the gym at least 5 times a week.

And as soon as I stopped going to the gym, I put it all back on, or nearly all. So, I will do better this time.

One good thing is that my husband has been a lot more cooperative this time. Before, when he knew I was trying to lose weight, he often came home with a bar of chocolate, or some favourite cake of mine, and that didn´t exactly help. Nowadays he doesn´t do it anymore, we hardly have anything sweet in the house, and he has even tried to cut down himself. He seems to have understood how important this is for my health.

I am really thankful that my family and friends are supporting me that much, and that they don´t make fun of me too much…

Love and light to you my friends



A-Z Challenge day 18

R for regrets

When you think back do you have any regrets?

I guess everybody regrets some decision in their life.

The only thing I really regret at the moment is that I didn´t try to take care of my body 20 years ago, when I was younger, and a lot lighter. Still overweighed but not that much.

It would have been so much easier, to lose the weight especially I could have still done a lot of things that I can´t do today, like exercise.

If I could say one thing to my younger self, it would be: Stop eating so much!! And exercise more!!!

I am so glad that my daughter is a lot more sensible than me when I was her age. But I guess I have been setting a bad example for her, so she knows what not to do…




Happy 😀

This week is off to a really good start.

After being stuck on the same weight for a couple of weeks,this morning my scales showed a kilo less than yesterday! Yes!! I’m really happy now and it shows me that I’m doing something right.

25 down, 19 to go 😁

Just had to share it straight away, after bitching and moaning so much lately 😀

Have a great Monday and an even better week!



A-Z Challenge day 17

Q for quitting

I will not quit!

This morning the scales showed a little less again, Yeah! – 24kg at last.

I am really happy, this is going  to work 🙂

It might go a bit slower than I hoped, but that doesn´t matter. The main thing is that I keep going. And that I will do!

I have plans for the future, and I am willing to do nearly everything to get better.

I want my job back as soon as possible, and I really would like to do a bit of travelling before I get too old for it. Not much, nothing fancy, but there is a few places I would like to see, and to do that, I have to be able to walk for more than 5 minutes.

I want to go and see Vienna, I´d love to go to Scotland and maybe Ireland, and I would love to go to Canada as well. Especially if my daughter really goes through with her plans to move to Canada in a couple of years.

So, only 19 kg to go, until I can get my operation.

I will not quit!!!

Good night


A-Z Challenge day 16

P for patience

The one thing I have to learn while losing weight.

At the moment, it is going rather slowly. Though I’m trying hard by sticking to my low calories and becoming more active despite my disability, the weight is not going down much. So far I have lost 23kg which is quite a lot, but I still have to lose at least another 20.

My doctor was really happy with me on friday, but that doesn’t help me much. Yes, I’ve done well, yes it is a lot less than it was in January, but damn, why isn’t it going down a bit faster?!

Damn, damn, damn, why can’t there be a magical solution? I’m sick and tired of sitting at home, not being able to work, in severe pain all the time, for months on end.

I went to my old workplace on thursday to hand in my keys. Talking to the woman in the personal office, she told me that I should definitely come back as soon as I’m fit again, and so did my ex co-workers, but god knows how long that is going to take…

I hate to think that it could take until next year before I could be healthy enough to go back to work…

Patience indeed, is what I will need not to go insane….

Good night


A-Z Challenge day 11

K for Klick

As I said before, I am really trying to lose weight. And I think this time it is actually going to work. It´s like there is a switch in my head and it finally klicked.

Maybe it´s the book I´ve been reading, it certainly helped a great deal, and maybe it is the possibility that if I don´t, I might end up in a wheelchair or even die, that made me stronger, but at the moment I am doing really well.

Instead of feeling bad about the things I am not allowed to eat, I try to see it more as a contest. I stick to 3 meals a day, protein shakes being two of them, so I really only have to worry about one meal.

Since 500 cal. a day isn´t really a lot, I am stuck with a bit of chicken, some vegetables, preferably raw, and some curd cheese  nicely spiced with some fresh herbs, so, it is a very boring diet. But I don´t mind, it makes it quite easy to stick with it, now wondering about what to eat, or rather not to eat, and my stomach seems to have gotten used to the smaller portions, I don´t feel hungry all the time anymore.

Looks like the positive attitude is working. This is about the longest period of time I lasted on a diet and still feel this good. Usually after about 2 months I would start cheating here and there, sneaking in the occasional snack, and eventually fall off the wagon, so to speak.

But this time, even if, like today, I tried a bit of something I cooked for the rest of the family, I only had half of my dinner and had the other half at night, instead of eating my whole dinner anyway.

So basically I stopped lying to myself. I don´t sneak in the occasional bite if nobody is watching, like I used to. No secret eating when I´m alone. I know it’s important and I am determined to do it.

I still use my app to document everything I eat, especially because I have to keep track of my calories, and it makes life a lot easier. I can calculate my meals and make sure I don´t eat too much, and I can keep track of my protein intake, which basically is the most important bit.

My mother thinks that it is too much hassle, and that I should not do that,she probably thinks I´m obsessive, but for me it is the only way to make sure I don´t eat too much. Because as for most people, trying to estimate my calorie-intake doesn´t work. So my kitchen scales and my mobile phone are my best friends at the moment. Every meal I eat is being weighed and calculated. That gives me the security that I am doing it right.

Eventually, once I´ve lost enough weight and I will be able to exercise again, I will gradually try and eat a bit more, but for the time being, this is the best way to lose weight.

Well, I guess that´s all for now, I might write some more about my journey to a healthier body soon, so

good night folks